Tomorrow's technology,
that you can afford today.

We invented superior,
efficient technologies.

Fast and accurate learning

We have developed machine learning clusters that are highly specialized in understanding document fragments.

These algorithms are super accurate and they learn very fast – basically they need only one document to extract its generic fingerprint.

We make our work easier for each other.

As a cloud platform, all digital fingerprints created by our customers are smartly shared with all other customers.

So the learning effort is distributed and very fast.

Low cloud cost.

The specialized clusters have a low computation cost, which allows us to use far less computing resources.

The cognitive code is compact and focused, making resource usage super efficient.

All these allow us to host our solution in efficient virtual machines.

The savings made this way get passed to your small subscription fee.

We process any structured document

Our modular optical processing engine can understand any structured document, to which we attach validation rules that are specific to that document type.

Agile architecture for a continuously changing future.

Your documents can trigger automated work processes, that you can track in graphical form, in real time.

Our advanced architecture is change tolerant, highly customizable, and can be implemented and rolled out gradually.

Because your business is changing all the time, and you need a technology partner to support your journey.

Every day, not just when you buy technology.